Anagram Maker

Create fascinating anagrams effortlessly using two names. Ideal for scavenger hunts, wedding hashtags, or clever team names. Simple to use, instant results.

How it works

An anagram is when you rearrange the letters of one or multiple words and use those same letters to create different words. Our free online tool on this page can instantly create multiple anagrams from two names.

This anagram name generator can be a fun tool for building a scavenger hunt, creating a unique wedding hashtag, or using it for ideas of a clever team name for you and your partner.

How to generate an anagram from two names

Our tool is very easy to use. The first step is to enter two names into the text box. You don’t need to put in punctuation to separate them, such as a comma or a slash. Just enter two names with a space between them. Once done, hit the GENERATE button.

In only a second, our server will create multiple anagrams based on the two names. Each anagram will use the same number of letters as the two names you entered and will only use each letter once. You can check this by reverse-engineering your two names from any of the presented anagrams.

It’s likely one of the anagrams will immediately stand out as the best one. If this happens, you can copy that one by hitting the COPY button next to it. This is the icon that depicts two overlapping rectangles. Once copied, you can paste the anagram anywhere you like.

Sometimes, there won’t be an obvious winner. In these cases, you can organize the best ideas in a list. For the anagrams you like, hit the corresponding STAR button. This will save that anagram to your SAVED IDEAS list. Star as many anagrams as you wish in this fashion.

When you’ve got a good collection of ideas, hit the SAVED IDEAS button. You’ll be able to see all your starred items here. If you need to, you can hit the DOWNLOAD button to save a text file containing your full list.

Our anagram generation tool is completely free, so you can use it as much as you wish. It’s also perfectly safe and secure.