Pet Name Finder

Find a cute version of the first name.

How it works

In the United States, one of the most common pet names for a partner is “honey.” In France, a common one is “mon petit chou,” which literally translates to “my little cabbage.” In Norway, people use “pus” a lot, which translates to “kitty.” These are cute and all, but what if you want something more unique? You need our Pet Name Finder!

Pet Name Finder: How to generate a pet name for your sweetheart

The first thing we’re going to need to get started is your partner’s name. In the text box above, enter their first name. Be sure not to use more than 20 characters and leave out any punctuation or spaces. When you’ve got the name entered, tap the GENERATE button.

Once you initiate the search, our algorithm will process your partner's name and give you a selection of possible pet names for them. The number of pet names you’ll receive back greatly depends on the name. In general, longer names will have more results than shorter ones.

Outside of some rare exceptions, you should get back at least one page of names. If one of these names works for you, be sure to save it by hitting the COPY button.

Sometimes, you might get multiple pages of maybe hundreds of pet names. If that happens, you’re going to want to organize them! Use the STAR button next to a pet name you like to save it. Hit the “>” button to see more names and save any additional ones.

When you’ve got a good list, hit the SAVED IDEAS button to see it. You can then tap DOWNLOAD to save the list of names.

If you want to start over, hit the SAVED IDEAS button and then DELETE. This will erase your running list. Enter another name and hit GENERATE to repeat the process!