Couple Team Names

A collection of nice team names suitable for couples and families!

Pro Boarders
Strapping Pals
Skilled Alchemists
Vain Creatures
Devout Lovers
Impish Brats
Stoic Goddesses
Lousy Actresses
Admirable Advisories
Homebody Losers
Gentleman Pigs
Graceful Dancers
Shrewd Observers
Vocal Creatures
Idiotic Apes
Worthy Knights
Brilliant Detectives
Swell Speakers
Mannered Gentlemen
Spotlight Hogs
Brave Creatures
Ridiculous Poets
Charming Flirts
Strict Mentors

How it works

Are you attending an event and need a great team name? Maybe you like to do bar trivia and need something silly and memorable for you and your teammates. What about the perfect band name? This is where you need to be, as our totally free online tool can help you generate thousands of team names.

This tool is free, secure, and family-friendly. You are welcome to use any of the names it generates without a license of any kind. You can also generate as many names as you wish.

How to generate a great team name

When you first load the page, you’ll see a pre-loaded list of 24 potential names. Look through that list and see if there are any team names that strike your fancy. If one name immediately stands out to you, hit the COPY button, represented by two overlapping rectangles. That will copy that specific name to your clipboard and you can paste it anywhere you need.

If a few possibilities stand out, use the STAR buttons next to those names. This adds the names to your SAVED IDEAS list.

Once you’ve starred a few names, hit the GENERATE MORE button. This will load a brand new list of 24 names. Star a few good ones from there and continue with this process until you have a healthy list of ideas.

When you’re satisfied with your collection, hit the SAVED IDEAS button. This will show you all the ideas you’ve starred. You can hit the DOWNLOAD button here to save a text file with all the names. Conversely, you can hit the DELETE ALL button to start over again.

Our system will hold your list of starred names even if you leave or refresh the page, so feel free to come back later if needed!